Complaints and dispute policy and proceedure

Complaints and Dispute Policy and Procedure

1) Policy Title
Complaints and Disputes Policy

2) Policy Statement


To establish policies and procedures to ensure that people with disabilities and any other relevant stakeholder in Western Australia who have a complaint or dispute about PWdWA advocacy services is encouraged to raise it, and have it resolved without fear of retribution.

To establish a mechanism for clients and other stakeholders to lodge a complaint in regards to PWdWA’s advocacy services.

3) Scope

This policy is intended for all Committee of Management members, employees, volunteers and clients. This policy focusses on external complaints.

4) Related Documents

• Complaints Register

• Grievances policy

• Governance policy

5) Procedures

1. PWdWA Committee of Management members, employees and volunteers are aware of the existence of and have access to the Complaints and Disputes Policy and Procedures.

2. Clients and stakeholders can choose to resolve their complaint internally or externally as per PWdWA’s procedures and receive the necessary assistance.

3. Where this is not appropriate or is unresolved, the complainant can arrange to talk to a Senior Manager. This contact may be in writing, by telephone or in person. The complainant is encouraged to have a person of their choice supporting them through the process.

4. Senior Manager will contact the complainant within 5 working days to discuss the matter. Details of the complaint and any response will be documented and the complaint will be lodged on the Complaints Register.

5. If the complaint is against an employee or volunteer, that person will not have contact with the complainant while the complaint is resolved.

6. If this is unresolved the Senior Manager will refer the complaint to the President of the Committee of Management.

7. The President will take the complaint to a sub-committee, which will interview those concerned separately and privately. The complaint and response will be documented.

8. At any stage throughout the complaints process, the complainant can take their complaint to an external body such as the Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO) or the Complaints Resolution and Referral Service (CRRS).

9. At any stage during the complaints process, the complainant can get support from an independent advocate from any other advocacy agency.

10. All records and documentation relevant to the complaint process will be kept confidential, stored securely so that the privacy of the complainant is protected.

PWdWA Complaints and Dispute Policy and Procedure